New England weather will always be unpredictable but that doesn’t mean that your power source has to be. Did you know that every time you lose power, you’re losing money? Homeowners can lose tens of hundreds of dollars annually from damage as minor as food spoilage to pipes freezing and bursting. A standby generator will save you from these inconveniences by returning your home back to power in seconds, even when you’re not home.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home

Before your generator installation begins, you need to determine the amount of circuits you want to cover. You can choose to power only the essential electrical outlets or you can connect your entire home. Installation costs vary by home and depend on a variety of factors, including the ease of installing the fuel source and size of the system. If your local area requires a permit, don’t worry about filling out paperwork, our technicians will handle it for you.

Generator Installation

Although generators can be installed in 1 or 2 days, it’s important to remember that generator installation is not a weekend DIY project and should be done be licensed professionals. A team of licensed electricians and technicians will come to your home to help with the following installation process:

  1. An electrician will install your transfer switch, which is the heart of your home generator system. This switch connects your generator to your home’s electrical system.
  2. The generator will be installed on the outside of your home like an AC unit.
  3. Electric lines will connect from the transfer switch to the generator.
  4. A technician will then make connections from your fuel source of choice (natural gas or propane) to your generator.
    1. Your generator will be connected to a constant fuel source so there’s no need to worry about refueling it.
  5. Once the electric and fuel lines are set up, your generator is all ready to go.

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