How Much Does a Whole Home Generator Cost?

If you’ve been considering getting a generator for your home, you know there’s a wide range of options out there. From portable generators to large whole house generators, there is a generator out there to fit every home’s unique needs. If you’ve spent some time weighing your options and decided that a standby generator is the way to go, you may be wondering about the cost of a whole home generator. PowerProducts specializes in Kohler brand generators, so we will talk specifically about Kohler, but these same considerations apply to all brands of generators.

Benefits of a Standby Generator

Standby generators are permanently installed outside your home and connected to your home’s energy source. Because they are constantly monitoring your power, they are able to quickly and automatically switch on when there is a problem. A whole house generator is powerful enough to keep your lights on and appliances running throughout your home. You’ll never have to worry about going days or weeks without power due to a severe storm, and because they’re automatic you don’t even have to be home to ensure your generator switches on. Having a standby generator ensures ease of mind, but that convenience often comes with a high price tag. Keep in mind that the confidence that comes with a reliable generator is worth the cost.

Cost of a Whole Home Generator

Because there is such a wide variety of generators, there are a lot of factors that will determine how much your ideal generator will cost. Your generator needs will not be the same as your neighbors’, so the cost of a generator will vary. These are some of the most important factors to consider.

  • Size of house. A large house with lots of rooms and appliances to power is going to need a bigger generator than a small home. When shopping for a generator, it’s very helpful to know your home’s square footage – it will help you to better gage your energy needs.
  • Power needs. Are you looking for a generator that will power your lights and refrigerator for a few hours, or one that can power your whole home, including all of your appliances? The more power you’ll need, the bigger your generator will have to be, and that will have an effect on the cost. For an idea of what size generator you’ll need, try out Kohler’s Generator Selector.
  • Installation. Once you’ve selected and purchased your unit, you’ll still need to get it installed. If you go through a certified Kohler dealer, they will install the generator, including hooking it up to your gas and electricity. Otherwise, you will have to hire a licensed electrician and gas piper. This is not a do-it-yourself project, so there will be costs associated with installation.

So, how much does a whole home generator cost? While it’s impossible to know for sure without discussing your power needs with a trusted dealer, doing your research ahead of time will help you to determine the range that you can expect. The Kohler Generators product page will show that a small 8 kilowatt generator has a starting price around $2,500, but a much larger 38 kilowatt generator starts at just over $14,000. The best way to know for sure how much a whole home generator will cost you is to reach out to a trusted generator dealer. Contact one of our certified technicians today to get your free quote and be prepared for the next power outage.